Heelr partners with Best Friends Animal Society

Heelr claims to be a brand/company that is dedicated to improving the lives of pets. Their hemp-infused tinctures and dog chews may help owners with keeping their pets more calm and relaxed.

“At the heart of the Heelr brand is providing well-being to animals, which can mean ensuring safe environments or offering daily relief whether at home or in a shelter,” said Drew Stoddard, the President of Hemp at Parallel. “Animals undergo many stresses throughout their lives, particularly pets in a shelter environment. By supporting the exceptional efforts of Best Friends Animal Society, we hope to promote a sense of calm and relaxation for many of the animals in their care, as they await new homes.”


Heelr has a “pawtnership” initiative and their latest partner is with Best Friends Animal Society. “Best Friends” aims to make all shelters “no-kill” by 2025.

They’ve also worked with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Danny & Ron’s Rescue.

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